Make a Rainbow with Experiments for kids!

This extraordinary children’s science experiment is one the most fantastic and exciting optical experiment can be carried out by the key stage 2 kids. The bending of light is called ‘Refraction’, and it’s effects are quite magical – rainbows for example!

The kids science rainbow experiment is specifically designed to help elevate students towards understanding some fascinating phenomena of the physical world.

Make a Rainbow Science Experiments for kids

For this science experiment you will need some following materials that can easily be found at home or in the classroom:

1. A glass of water.

2. A sheet of white paper.

3. The sun light or flash light.

Lets Start!


Step 1. Fill the glass almost to the top with water.


Step 2. If the experiment is been carried out with the aid of sunlight, you have place the glass containing the water at the edge of the table. In such a way that, the halve part of the glass shall rest on the table while the other part will tend to be off the table. This must be positioned is such a way that the sun shines directly through the water and onto the sheet of white paper placed on the floor.


Step 3. Adjust the paper and the glass until a rainbow forms on the paper.


Step 4. If you are using a flashlight, place the glass of water on the white piece of paper, and move the flashlight around until a rainbow appears on the piece of paper. Did you notice anything? Why do the colours always appear in the same arrangement? What happens if you change the colour of the water?

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