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    Gizmo’s lab is a Children’s Science Academy operating across the UK and has reputation on Science Workshops for Primary Schools  and after school clubs. Why choose us? First key formula: We believe in hard work, imagination and passion. We’re not afraid to stay focused, to ‘step out of the box’ and to fulfil your requirements and to work alongside your school. We love to focus on new ideas and break into newer possibilities. Staying focused; it’s not about companies getting even with us it’s about getting ahead, but more importantly – providing a service where our cadets really feel a sense of achievement. Our Second key formula is simple: We listen. As parents, wealth and fame is not a sense of completion, but the effect of listening and providing happiness to your child’s dreams is the most valuable currency there is. We will listen to your child and chase their dream, accepting the challenge, expanding and stretching there imagination. We ALL have to input to your child’s success and that means US, YOUR CHILD, YOU and YOUR SCHOOL. We are inspired to be inspired and where other companies stumble on their ideas, we move forward and make the impossible a possible. It’s about WORKING TOGETHER! Contact Us for further details.


    Happy customers.

    They’ve had a fantasic time and love every minute of it! I think it’s fantasic what you guys have been doing! They’re excited to get back after half-term…

    Leicestershire School

    Since James has started Gizmo’s Lab he’s actually found this club absolutely brilliant. He’s done and completed  a rocket car, plane today and the whole experience has come across as being absolutely superb. His understanding of flying and flight again – SUPERB! I’ve shown at home my video and they were just amazed by it. Can’t say enough to anybody how good it is.

    Zak Scott

    Lincoln School

    Sonny loves Gizmo’s Labs so much. He loves the experiments and has learnt many things in science. Gizmo’s is his favourite club at school!

    Karen Pointon

    Willow School