Static Electricity Experiment for kids

This is an amazing children’s science experiment for the primary school years – Key stage 2. In this range of experiments, we will discover how static electricity can be so magical and so much fun!


Static Electricity Science Experiment for kids

For this science experiment you will need some following materials that can easily be found at home or in the classroom:

2 inflated balloons with string attached
Your hair (yes your hair!)
Any Aluminum can
And a Woolen fabric
Tissue paper torn to tiny pieces
A clean desk to work on

Once you have the materials, let’s start!

In this children’s science experiment, let’s Blow two balloons very carefully and tie a knot to stop them from deflating. Make sure you keep the balloons away from each other. Secondly; take one balloon at a time, then gently rub one at a time against the woolen fabric. Now; try to move the balloons towards one another. Did you notice something? Look again. What do did you see? Are they attracted or do they move away from each other? Magic!

Now take one balloon and place it over the tiny pieces of tissue paper. Again; notice anything odd?

Let’s try another children’s science experiment for static and magnetic electrical fun! For this you will need someone to tell you what’s happening. Now take one of the balloons and rub it back and forth on their hair, then slowly pull it away asking them if they felt anything. What did you see?

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Static Electricity Science Experiment for kids