Lab Foundry – The game of fallouts and bonding


You know what’s sucky about regular board games? They only come in two concepts: Getting to the ‘finish line’ first or that ‘I’ve blown you away completely’, leaving you the only duck in a big pond! What fun is that type of board game? We’ll answer that: no fun at all. You know what is a fun board game? SOMETHING NEW. Using your ability to discover that you’re going to beat everyone in a game, but not just finishing them off, but you’re also going to LEAVE THEM SPEECHLESS , POINTING FINGERS AND SHOUTING MOUTHS Why? Because you outwitted every single player before they even knew what was happening! You used your creative edge to show them that you’re not just intelligent, but damn smart and crafty too!


Lab Foundry is a NEW concept in games that has made board games and card games priceless in today’s society of digital distractions! If you class yourself as a genius in science or very little science background, this game will bring out all the fallout’s and bonding with you and your opponents!  Designed by teachers, Lab Foundry is Formulated to strengthen science revision and :

Sharpen Memory

Facilitate quick thinking

Improve planning ahead

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